At PSDT, we specialize in training dive professionals to be safer and increase their skill levels to meet the rigorous demands of the world of Public Safety Diving.  Successful participation and completion of our training courses will result in certification in a NAUI Worldwide Specialty Diver Course, specifically targeted to the Public Safety Diver.

Participation in our programs are limited to sworn and non-sworn personnel currently employed by a Public Safety Agency, or those individuals currently assigned to a dive team whose responsibility is for the safety and well being of, but not limited to harbors, beaches, lakes and other waterways where a need for public safety diving exists.

Candidates who do not meet the eligibility requirements may apply for a waiver.  For more information visit our training page for details.

Those looking to attend our programs will be required to furnish copies of ID and/or departmental letterhead requesting participation in our training courses.

For more information call us at (562) 353-8960 or email training@publicsafetydivetraining.com.
  Our training is the ONLY NAUI specialty course that has been sanctioned by POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) for advanced officer training.
  Any person assigned to a dive team or currently employed as a Peace Officer, Firefighter or EMS personnel with valid identification may request admission into our training programs.  Additionally, applicants must possess SCUBA certification from a recognized certification agency such as NAUI, PADI, SSI, SDI/TDI or Los Angeles County.

If you currently do not have a SCUBA certification from a recognized agency but can demonstrate competency in skills along with proof of logged dives, a NAUI Experienced Diver certification course will be required in order to receive the PSD Specialty certification.  Additional fees may apply.
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