In order to be considered for our training courses, all applicants must be currently employed as a Peace Officer, Firefighter, EMS Personnel or working in a Port Security capacity.  Valid ID and Departmental letterhead will be required upon admission.

Candidates who do not meet the eligibility requirements, but would like to attend our training are encouraged to apply for an attendance waiver.  Waivers are granted on a case by case basis and used for individuals such as volunteers, reserve and other personnel who would otherwise be ineligible.  Those granted waivers are required to meet the same training standards in order to receive certification.

  Those interested in participating in this course must meet the following conditions:
At least 18 years of age.
Possess Advanced SCUBA certification or higher from a recognized training agency.  Logged dives demonstrating equivalent experience may be considered.
Proof of affliation and/or employment with a public safety dive team.
Possess current certification in First Aid/CPR/AED from a recognized training agency.
Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the last 12 months.
  Those individuals not meeting the requirements may enroll into a course through a selected dive shop in order to qualify.  Additionally Advanced SCUBA certification and First Aid/CPR training is available from us at additional charges.

  Candidates must be able to complete:
Underwater swim, 25 yards in one breath, with no dive or push off.
Swim 450 yards non-stop, any stroke within 10 minutes.  Swim an additional 25 yards using any resting stroke.
Transport another person of similar size 100 yards.
Demonstrate survival/surface swimming for 20 minutes (treading water, floating, etc.)
Recover a 10 lb. (4.5 kg) object from at least 8 feet of water.
Perform a Skin "Ditch and Recovery".
Perform a Scuba "Ditch and Recovery".
Perform a Scuba "Bailout".
Perform a Scuba "Equipment Exchange".
  Details concerning any of the above listed watermanship skills will be covered in detail in the course syllabus.

  Candidates are required to purchase a copy of the training DVD (Choosing and Using Full Face Masks) prior to being registered into the course.  One DVD per dive team is acceptable.  Although optional, it is highly recommended that the book be purchased as well.  Please visit the links to all below.  Coming soon from NAUI, the Public Safety Diver Training Manual.  Stay tuned for release dates.
Choosing and Using Full Face Masks - HammerHead Press   Diving in High Risk Environments - Hammerhead Press    
Using Full Face Masks   High Risk Environments   Public Safety Diver 
HammerHead Press   NAUI 
  We are now also  providing First Aid/CPR, AED and Emergency O2% provider training for first responders, divers, and civilians. The training is offered as an 8 hour class, including all aspects listed, or as a "stand-alone" class for specific portions required, such as AED only.

This training exceeds national standards for professional and civilian rescuers. The certification is valid for two years.

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